The Golden Apple, ”Guldäpplet”, in brief

“Guldäpplet” (The Golden Apple) is a Swedish teacher scholarship that is awarded annually to one or more teachers who renewed learning with the support of ICT in their own teaching and inspired students and colleagues in a local, municipal and preferably also national field of activity.

“Guldäpplet” is handed out by the Yngve Lindberg Foundation and partners. The process is based on open nominations, from schools all over Sweden. A jury consisting of teachers, pricewinner the two previous years, together with representatives of all partners, appoints the winners.

Moreover, the Jury’s Special Prize is awarded to one or more persons who have made long-term, significant efforts to promote learning in youth education, supported by ICT and media.

In addition to a scholarship of 25,000 SEK, the prize consists of a beautiful glass apple with real gold inlaid. Designed and performed in the finest craftsmanship of the masters at Studioglas Strömbergshyttan in Hovmantorp.

In 2021, a special twenty years anniversery award was given to about forty persons, mainly not teachers, for excellent contributions to youth teaching within digital context in the period 2002-2021. Celebrating this, two books were published, anthologies with contributions from the awarded and others, with perspectives from the past period and for the future, respectively, reflections on important aspects of learning and ICT.


Contact: Peter Becker, chairman
tel: +46(0)70 7104453