Urmimala Banerjee

foto Urmimala Banerjee

Urmimala Banerjee

Internationella Engelska Skolan Kista


Vem är du och vad jobbar du med?
– I am a Science teacher and Head of Department for Science and Technology. I am a life long learner and like to work with giving students a meaningful understanding of science and technology. I also work as STEAM Ambassador for an Erasmus project across 6 countries which focuses on developing IT skills.

Hur länge har du jobbat med digitala verktyg och resurser i undervisningen?
– 5-10 år

På vilket sätt kan elevernas lärande förstärkas med stöd av IT?
– I am  open to all ideas that make learning interesting for students and am looking for opportunities where I can make teaching and learning more practical and develop meaningful understanding of Science. I believe IT skills are very relevant nowadays and supports teaching in various ways. Computers are used by students to research while doing an experiment or while presenting a topic or to get and receive feedback on a topic. I also work with creating interest in STEAM(science, technology, engineering, math and arts) skills and to have a complete understanding of school subjects so that students take a STEAM as their future career choice. For example, students learn about Space in science classes and make 3D Printed Mars colonies and also present their understanding in Google slides. My students have traveled to various countries like Ireland, Romania, Turkey with me to learn and share IT skills.

Hur påverkar digitala verktyg och resurser din lärarroll?
– I use digital tools in various ways like using Google classroom to interact with students to give them feedback on assignments, Seesaw to store good samples of work which students can learn from during a lesson, ClassDojo for positive behaviour enhancement, etc. I research while planning using digital resources. I use Etwinning platform to connect with other country teachers to share resources and get ideas. Visit my webpage for more information on using digital skills ”IES Kista winner – E-Twinning school award

Hur ser du på våren 2020 ur perspektivet ”skolans digitalisering”? Vilka utmaningar/möjligheter gav digitaliseringen under våren?
1. School digitization will help teachers to learn and use digital resources in class. 2. There is a mass shortage of STEM skill professionals across Europe and this digitization will help to fill the skill gap creating working for future skill jobs.
3. Trained teachers using digital resources will develop 21st century citizens of tomorrow capable of taking new challenges.
1. It is difficult to change a thought process prevalent in the society that digitization will take away jobs and robots will dictate all.
2. The education department needs to invest financially not only in buying resources but to train teachers to use them.

Har du någon favoritwebbtjänst eller app som du gärna använder.
– I like using Google classroom a lot as it helps me in planning my class. It helps me to keep all resources in one place as well as to give feedback to students on assignments. As I like to try new things, I have used Google classroom where students can argue(debate) on a topic and used it as medium to assess. It gives students time to think and argue in a written format with other students. Therefore, students have less chance to emotionally argue and deviate from the topic and  instead they stick to the relevant points.